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Next up – Concussion: Presentation, Pathophysiology, Evaluation & Clinical Implications

Wednesday, November 18, 12:00-1:00 pm


Concussion may be described as a mild traumatic brain injury, but it can be anything but mild. It can cause long-lasting physical, cognitive and emotional challenges, and can even hinder an individual’s return to work, school or sports. Through education on concussion management and treatment, rehabilitation professionals can help their clients maximize their recovery.

Learning objectives:

  1. Define concussion including prevalence and pathophysiology
  2. Describe the symptoms commonly endorsed following a concussion
  3. Develop a basic understanding of concussion recovery and possible barriers
  4. Understand the benefit of the neuropsychological evaluation in treatment and recovery



Jeremy Schwarzbaum, PsyD

The 1-hour presentation will include 1.0 CEU credit for CCMC, CRC and NASW-NJ.


Recovery from COVID-19: Coping with Physical, Cognitive, and Psychological Effects

Friday, December 4, 12:00-1:15 pm


Recovery from COVID-19 can continue long after the infection subsides, even for individuals who did not experience a secondary illness or have a prolonged hospital stay. Alongside commonly-reported symptoms like fatigue and muscle weakness, individuals recovering from the virus can experience persistent cognitive, psychological and physical symptoms that require medical treatment.

Join Bancroft NeuroRehab and the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey for an exclusive webinar to discover what is known about the neurological and psychological effects of COVID-19 and what treatments and resources are available to help individuals and their families in their recovery.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe the neurological sequelae and neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection
  2. Understand proposed rehabilitation recommendations for the neurological sequelae of COVID-19
  3. Understand proposed treatment recommendations for the psychological and cognitive effects associated with COVID-19
  4. Describe the importance of multidisciplinary treatment teams for caring for patients in order to treat the diverse presentations and myriad of physical, cognitive, or psychological difficulties which could result from COVID-19 infection
  5. Learn what community resources are available to patients and family members who have been affected by COVID-19



  • Kathryn Murray, Psy.D., Rehabilitation/Health Psychologist – Bancroft NeuroRehab
  • Carolyn Tassini, PT, DPT, NCS, CBIST, Rehabilitation Supervisor – Bancroft NeuroRehab
  • Theresa Fitzgerald, LCSW, Social Work Supervisor – Bancroft NeuroRehab
  • Laura Jacobs, MA, Education and Outreach Coordinator & Director of Camp TREK – Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey

This presentation offers one hour of professional development and is pending 1.0 continuing education hour with CCMC, CRC and NASW-NJ.