Outpatient Therapies

Now offering telehealth services to our patients:

See one of our clinicians virtually for neuropsychological evaluations, psychology, physical and occupational therapy and speech therapy. Most insurances are accepted and no-copays are required.

Every achievement gained through neurological rehabilitation is meaningful progress toward recovery from brain injury or a neurological deficit.

At Bancroft NeuroRehab, our aim is to help you or your loved one reclaim your life through evidence-based therapies provided through a range of services.

Let us help you achieve your own personal victory.


Expert licensed therapists customize treatment plans based on each client’s distinct rehabilitation needs and goals:

  • Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy improves memory, attention deficit, social behavior, future planning and judgment.
  • Physical Therapy restores mobility, improve muscle tone, balance, strength and endurance
  • Occupational Therapy restores skills needed to function successfully at home, work or school
  • Psychotherapy aids in adjustment to injury, deficit awareness, redevelopment of social skills, maintaining relationships and education regarding the illness or injury
  • Speech and Language Therapy improves communication and language skills and swallowing
  • Vestibular Therapy improves balance and reduce dizziness through exercise
  • LSVT Big & Loud Therapy™ improves gait and speech for clients with Parkinson’s


Bancroft NeuroRehab offers Evaluations and Examinations which are essential to the development of customized treatment plans for neurological rehabilitation.

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