Rehabilitation Psychology

What is Rehabilitation Psychology?

Rehabilitation psychology, or talk therapy, is a way to help those with a broad variety of psychological symptoms and emotional difficulties stemming from a brain injury or neurological condition. It can help eliminate or decrease troubling symptoms, provide a better quality of life and improve overall well-being. Rehabilitation psychology can also help family members and caregivers cope with the stress and emotional changes that occur with neurologic conditions such as brain injury, stroke, and dementia.

Psychological and emotional issues are often overlooked, even when physical, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms are treated. Rehabilitation psychology has helped to treat anxiety and depression symptoms that may impact cognition and engagement in therapies. and can be used to treat loved ones who often play a critical supporting role in the patient recovery process.

Commonly Treated Conditions Include:

Highly Skilled Clinicians Trained in Rehabilitation Psychology

The psychology team at Bancroft NeuroRehab is not only highly skilled and trained in the area of rehabilitation psychology, but our clinicians also have specialized skill in treating individuals with neurologic and cognitive disorders, as well as their caregivers.

"Going to Bancroft… I was so impressed with my treatments. My therapist was incredible, motivated me so much, and put me to the next level. The therapists really inspired me to tell others to come. Definitely a place to recommend for others.

Susan R.,

BNR Patient

Rehabilitation Psychology Sessions

At Bancroft NeuroRehab treatment sessions typically occur for one hour a week in a one-on-one setting with a therapist at one of our three outpatient centers. The therapist and patient may discuss their mood symptoms, sleep disturbance, and interpersonal challenges.

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