Former Flyer Brian Propp Named Bancroft NeuroRehab Ambassador

Propp, a stroke survivor, shares the importance of rehabilitation during Stroke Awareness Month

Brian Propp, a former five-time National Hockey League All-Star and avid golfer, suffered a massive stroke on Sept. 3, 2015. Once stabilized, he faced a long road to recovery, struggling to regain use of the right side of his body as well as overcome deficits in mobility and speech.

“I am living a full life after a stroke, so I know how critical rehabilitation is to regaining daily living skills and re-learning how to do the things I love,” Propp said. “I’ve made it my mission to help connect other stroke and brain injury survivors with  resources like Bancroft NeuroRehab where they can fully rebound and reconnect with family, friends and the world around them.”

With extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy, Propp was able to return to the ice – and the golf course – less than two years after his stroke. However, he still grapples with weakness in his right hand, and lingering aphasia – a condition that affects his ability to speak and remember words. “I’m the kind of person who wants things – including my recovery – to happen faster than it realistically can. It’s been humbling to remember that recovery from a stroke can be a lifelong endeavor; it isn’t going to happen overnight,” Propp said. “I’m sharing my story now and working with Bancroft NeuroRehab in the hope of inspiring others who are in my position and might be struggling, to remind them that it’s OK to take your time but you need to do the work.”

“Brian is an inspiration for those recovering from stroke,” said Karen Lindgren, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Officer. “We were drawn to Brian’s story because of the example of he has set for others. It’s a reminder that with determination, support and quality rehabilitation, it is possible to live a full, happy life after a stroke or brain injury.”  

A Flyer from 1979-90, Propp is also a former sports broadcaster, as well as an entrepreneur, business relationship and development guru and philanthropist. He is currently Director of Strategic Relationships at Wolf Commercial Real Estate in Marlton, N.J.