Alicia Roselli MA, MT-BC, NMT, CBIS

Cognitive Therapist, Music Therapist

Alicia Roselli is a board-certified music therapist who completed her graduate studies in music therapy at Berklee College of Music, and obtained her undergraduate degree at Immaculata University. Alicia brings many years of experience working with individuals with disabilities and acquired injuries, including adults with severe neurodegenerative disabilities, traumatic brain injury, stroke and dementia, as well as youth on the autism spectrum. Within her graduate program, Alicia conducted research regarding sensory integration in music therapy as a form of self-regulation for youth with disabilities. In 2014, she was certified in Neurologic Music Therapy at Colorado State University.

As a neurologic music therapist, Alicia is trained in 20 standardized clinical techniques to help individuals regain sensorimotor, communication, and cognitive skills. Through utilizing this evidenced-based approach, Alicia is highly knowledgeable of the impact of music perception, music production, and music cognition to support individuals in regaining non-musical, functional skills. As a cognitive therapist, Alicia can also assist individuals with functional life goals, such as problem-solving, financial management and developing and applying compensatory strategies to promote optimal living.

Through her cumulative experience, Alicia adamantly believes music therapy begins with meeting the client where he or she is at, and utilizes a holistic, evidence-based approach to promote health and wellness for the clients she has the honor to work with.

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