Gamified Therapy System Enhances Recovery Experience

The interactive Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS) technology at Bancroft NeuroRehab uses gamified learning to improve skills such as hand-eye coordination, peripheral awareness, standing tolerance, and more while the BITS system tracks the patient’s progress over time. 

BITS was designed to increase engagement and fun in therapies and outcomes for patients recovering from brain injuries and other neurologic conditions.

“Having the Bioness system allows us to scale and meet the needs of many different patients and diagnoses, from Parkinson’s disease to concussion,” said Carolyn Tassini PT, DPT, & CBIS rehabilitation supervisor. “We can really adjust and grade the activity to meet the needs of any of our clients.”

How Does The Bioness Integrated System (BITS) Work?

The touch-screen device is similar to a Smart Board giving therapists immediate, visual feedback to adjust treatment goals and plans. For example, a therapist might make the session more challenging for a patient who’s ready for more – or scale back for those who are struggling.

“That adaptability improves the quality of each therapy session, and has been shown to increase client engagement,” Tassini said. 

The system can be used across all therapies – including physical, occupational, and speech therapy– enabling greater collaboration between all client care team members. This is especially valuable for clients receiving multiple therapies at once.

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