Clinical Team

Bancroft NeuroRehab clinical staff has the most Board Certified specialists in the region, addressing specific challenges associated with neurological brain injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Our world class roster of neuropsychologists, therapists and case managers work with families and social workers to develop the most appropriate treatment plan and levels of support needed for success.

Karen Lindgren, Ph.D.

Chief Clinical Officer, Bancroft & Bancroft NeuroRehab

Karen Lindgren, Ph.D., is the Chief Clinical Officer at Bancroft. She oversees Healthcare and Nursing Services, the Applied Behavior Analysis Center of Excellence, and quality assurance across the organization.

A licensed psychologist, Dr. Lindgren has more than 25 years’ experience in neuropsychological assessment and treatment of brain injury and neurological impairment. She joined Bancroft in 1997, as a senior neuropsychologist at Bancroft NeuroRehab, and served most recently as the program’s senior director, supervising rehabilitation therapies in Central and Southern New Jersey, managing clinical staff and maintaining several university partnerships.

Dr. Lindgren has clinical affiliations with the graduate programs at Drexel University, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and Immaculata University, is well published in her field, and has presented information in the area of neurological development, neuropsychological assessment, neurotoxic exposure, and interdisciplinary treatment of brain injury.

Dr. Lindgren received her Ph.D. and M.A. in Clinical/Community Psychology from the University of Maryland and her B.A. from Loyola College.

Jane Femia Baider

Senior Vice President, Bancroft NeuroRehab

Jane Femia Baider joined Bancroft NeuroRehab as Senior Vice President in September 2019. She brings to the organization more than 30 years of healthcare experience.

Femia Baider oversees Bancroft NeuroRehab operations including day, outpatient and residential services and supports, with a focus on growth and expansion of services.

Femia Baider was most recently Assistant Vice President of Oncology, Post-Acute and Patient Support Services at Lourdes Health System. Prior to that, she was Assistant Vice President of Post-Acute and Patient Support Services for Lourdes Health System and St. Francis Medical Center.

An occupational therapist by training, Femia Baider spent nearly 20 years working in rehabilitation settings before moving into healthcare administration, holding positions at Magee Rehabilitation, Lourdes Rehabilitation Services and Underwood Memorial Hospital. She has a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Temple University and an MBA in Health and Medical Services Administration from Widener University. 


Arleen DeStefano

Senior Director

Arleen DeStefano is responsible for the Bancroft NeuroRehab programs located in South Jersey programs where she oversees day program and community residential neurorehabilitation services for the organization. 

Arleen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. She has worked for Bancorft since 1993. 

Kathleen Law, BA, CBIST

Kathleen Law is senior director of Bancroft NeuroRehab’s Central Jersey programs, where she oversees outpatient, home and community neurorehabilitation services for the organization’s Brick and Plainsboro locations.
Law earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University. She is a certified brain injury specialist trainer and a member of the Brain Injury Alliance of New Jersey. Law is actively involved in planning Bancroft NeuroRehab programs and activities.

Janine Yvette Gardner, M.A., CBIS

Program Director, Bancroft NeuroRehab Residential Program

Janine Gardner came to Bancroft in 2008 as a Clinical Case Manager. At the time, she was beginning a Master of Urban Studies (Concentration in Community Development) program and was new to brain injury. Her career path included positions within the mental health field as a counselor for a partial care facility serving people with severe and persistent mental illness and working as a case manager for youth in the juvenile court system. She obtained her master’s degree in 2010 and has remained dedicated to neurorehabilitation.

Grace Cline

Program Director, Bancroft NeuroRehab Residential Program

Grace Cline currently oversees group homes and supervised apartment program services in Cherry Hill, Voorhees, and Mullica Hill, N.J. She began her career at Bancroft in 2009 in a direct care role, and had previous case management experience working with foster children in the Philadelphia area. Grace has since gained extensive experience working in neurorehabilitation as a cognitive remediation specialist as well as program manager for supervised apartment settings. She is also active in a variety of Bancroft committees and workgroups. Grace earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from Rutgers University.   

Jennifer Portee

Program Director

Jennifer Portee is the Program Director for Bancroft NeuroRehab’s  Day and Residential services in Brick and Toms River. She began her career at Bancroft in 2011 as a direct care employee and has since gained experience in various roles, including vocational services and program management. Jennifer earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University and maintains a certification as a brain injury specialist.

Claire McGrath, Ph.D., ABPP

Senior Neuropsychologist

Dr. McGrath is a senior neuropsychologist and co-director of postdoctoral training at Bancroft NeuroRehab. She is a Site Training Director for the Immaculata University Consortium Clinical Psychology Internship. Dr. McGrath is board certified in clinical neuropsychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology. In her role at Bancroft NeuroRehab, she conducts neuropsychological evaluations of individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia and other neurologic conditions. Additionally, Dr. McGrath leads program development within the psychology department to advance neuropsychological assessment and psychological treatment for individuals in Bancroft NeuroRehab’s outpatient, residential and day program services. Prior to joining Bancroft NeuroRehab, Dr. McGrath was neuropsychology supervisor for the Stroke and Neurologic Disorders Program, Spinal Cord Injury Unit, Amputee Unit, and General Rehabilitation Unit at MossRehab in Philadelphia.


Dr. McGrath completed her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at Arizona State University, followed by a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. McGrath’s clinical work has focused on the assessment and treatment of individuals with neurologic conditions including traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, anoxic brain injury, encephalopathy, and brain cancer. She has presented at local, national and international conferences on the evaluation of cognition, agitation management, and the importance of social support in recovery from neurologic injury.

Sheryl Berardinelli, Psy.D., ABPP

Senior Neuropsychologist

Dr. Berardinelli is a licensed neuropsychologist who completed her Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Widener University. Her dissertation examined the relationship between dementia and depressive symptoms and its effects on verbal memory. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship at the Sports Concussion Center of New Jersey, providing assessment and interventions to individuals with traumatic brain injuries. Prior to joining Bancroft, Dr. Berardinelli served as the primary psychologist at Moss Rehab’s Neuro Mental Health Clinic. Dr. Berardinelli is a board-certified Rehabilitation Psychologist. She is a board member to the Pennsylvania and Delaware Directors of Training organization, and teaches a graduate psychology course at Widener University. Dr. Berardinelli coordinates the graduate psychology practicum training at Bancroft NeuroRehab. 

Sarah E. West, Ph.D.


Dr. West is an experienced Neuropsychologist who earned her master’s and doctoral degrees from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. She completed her internship at the University of Alabama Birmingham and her postdoctoral fellowship at JFK-Johnson Rehabilitation Institute in Edison, NJ, where she conducted in-patient and outpatient neuropsychological assessments and therapy. Dr. West is a board-certified Neuropsychologist.  She brings to Bancroft NeuroRehab a wide-reaching clinical background and specializes in Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, stroke and brain trauma. Dr. West’s research has been published in various trade journals, including The Encyclopedia of Neuropsychological Disorders and Brain Injury, among others. She has taught graduate courses in neuropsychology and is the co-director of the postdoctoral fellowship program at Bancroft NeuroRehab.

Danielle Ager, Psy.D.


Dr. Ager is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who completed Master’s and Doctoral degrees at Widener University. She completed an APA-accredited internship through Widener University with rotations at Lankenau Hospital within the private practices of Drs. Bergman, Caplan, and Shechter. Dr. Ager completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, where she provided inpatient and outpatient neuropsychological evaluations in a subacute rehabilitation hospital setting. Prior to joining Bancroft, Dr. Ager worked as a lifespan neuropsychologist for 7 years at Clinical Neuropsychology Associates, providing neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations, cognitive rehabilitation, and psychotherapy for individuals with concussions, learning disabilities, ADHD, and other neurological and neurodevelopmental conditions. At Bancroft NeuroRehab, Dr. Ager conducts evaluations and provides treatment to individuals with a wide range of neurological conditions. Dr. Ager also acts as co-director of the Bancroft NeuroRehab site within the Immaculata University Consortium Clinical Psychology Internship program. 

Carl E. Bradford, Ph.D., ABN, CBIS

Senior Neuropsychologist

Dr. Bradford is a board-certified neuropsychologist and brain injury specialist serving clients at Bancroft NeuroRehab. In addition to providing neuropsychological evaluations, psychotherapy and consultations, Dr. Bradford supervises master’s-level clinical staff, a postdoctoral fellow, and graduate students. His is a member of the American Psychological Association and various other professional organizations. He is a former adjunct professor at Widener University and a past president of the Philadelphia Neuropsychology Society.

Dr. Bradford completed his Master’s degree and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University, followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Neuropsychology at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Michael Heptig, Psy.D.


Dr. Heptig is a licensed clinical neuropsychologist who completed his Master’s and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. His dissertation focused on elucidating factors that contribute to the underreporting of TBIs in high school sports.  Prior to joining Bancroft, Dr. Heptig completed a two-year AABN-accredited post-doctoral residency in neuropsychology at a private practice group in Neptune, NJ, where he provided outpatient psychotherapy, biofeedback, cognitive rehabilitation, and neuropsychological examinations to individuals across the lifespan.  At Bancroft NeuroRehab, Dr. Heptig treats individuals with a history of TBI and/or other neurological conditions. He also teaches a graduate neuropsychological assessment class at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Kathryn Murray, Psy.D. 

Rehabilitation/ Health Psychologist

Dr. Murray is a licensed clinical psychologist who completed her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology at Widener University. She is certified in Biofeedback Therapy. She completed an APA-accredited internship through Widener University with rotations at Widener Neuropsychology Assessment Center and Jefferson University Hospitals. Dr. Murray completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship and then continued working as a licensed psychologist at RSM Psychology Center/Sports Concussion Center of NJ where she provided outpatient neuropsychological evaluations, concussion screening and management, and biofeedback psychotherapy to children and adults with TBI, concussion, dementia, learning disabilities, ADHD, depression, and anxiety, as well as other neurodevelopmental and neurologic disorders. At Bancroft NeuroRehab, Dr. Murray provides psychological services to residential persons served and outpatients with a history of TBI or other neurological conditions. 

Jeremy Schwarzbaum, Psy.D.


Dr. Schwarzbaum is a licensed neuropsychologist who completed his Master’s and Doctoral degrees at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. He completed his post-doctoral fellowship at Foundations Behavioral Health, an adolescent psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) in Doylestown, Pa. Prior to joining Bancroft, Dr. Schwarzbaum worked at a private practice group in Philadelphia, where he provided outpatient psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment services. Dr. Schwarzbaum has done consulting work at a neurology group, where he administered neuropsychological assessments as part of pharmaceutical trials for dementia.

Ciara Weatherbee


Ms. Weatherbee is a psychometrician who received her bachelor’s degrees in psychology and speech-language-hearing sciences from Hofstra University. At Bancroft NeuroRehab, Ms. Weatherbee has transitioned through multiple positions during her two year tenure including direct support professional, cognitive rehabilitation specialist, and group room supervisor. She received the 2019 Bancroft Recognition Award: “The Rookie”. Ms. Weatherbee joined the psychology team in March 2020 and conducts neuropsychological evaluations to individuals with a wide range of neurological conditions.

Ashlee Battle, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ms. Ashlee Battle is a licensed clinical social worker in New Jersey. Ms. Battle received her MSW from Rutgers University, Camden and completed her clinical training with adults with SPMI, cognitive impairments and children with moderate to severe psychiatric concerns. Ms. Battle is fueled by her passion to help individuals recognize their strength to overcome obstacles and work through past trauma. She believes that all individuals should be given the opportunity to maximize their individual functioning despite circumstances. Ms. Battle has served as a Director in a community based mental health facility where she was employed for over ten years and received Leader of the Year distinction. She has also held clinical and case management positions at Inspira Health Network and Jefferson University Hospital. She is active in her community working with the  local Red Cross Chapter, member of NASW and a Board Member of Daughters of Destiny, a 501(c)(3) organization committed to providing support to disadvantaged women in Philadelphia. At Bancroft, Ms. Battle supervises the cognitive rehabilitation clinicians and provides psychotherapy for individuals with a history of neurological conditions including TBI. 

Tiffany Channing, Psy.D.

Practicing Psychologist

Dr. Channing is a licensed practicing psychologist who completed her Master’s and Doctoral degrees at Regent University. She completed an APA-accredited internship at the Chillicothe Veterans Affairs Medical Center. She completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology at Bancroft NeuroRehab, where she conducted neuropsychological evaluations and provided outpatient and residential psychotherapy. Following the completion of her fellowship, Dr. Channing joined the psychology team at Bancroft NeuroRehab, where she continues to conduct neuropsychological evaluations and provide treatment to individuals with a wide range of neurological conditions. She is also involved in providing supervision and training to psychology practicum students at Bancroft NeuroRehab. 

Theresa Fitzgerald, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Ms. Fitzgerald is a licensed clinical social worker who received her bachelor’s degrees in psychology from the University of Delaware and her Masters in Social Work from Monmouth University.  She obtained her clinical license while working with the pediatric population and eventually serving as a department head at a special needs elementary school in New York for fifteen years.  In addition to working closely with children and families, Ms. Fitzgerald gained experience counseling women at a domestic violence shelter.  At Bancroft NeuroRehab, Ms. Fitzgerald provides outpatient psychotherapy services for individuals with a history of brain injury or other neurological conditions, as well as their caregivers.

Carolyn Tassini, PT, DPT, CBIS

Rehabilitation Supervisor

Dr. Tassini is a board-certified physical therapist in neurologic physical therapy.  She completed her board certification in 2007 and was re-credentialed in 2017. Dr. Tassini received her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University in 1999 and then completed her masters in physical therapy at Thomas Jefferson University in 2002.  She completed her Doctorate in physical therapy in 2005 at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA. In 2006 Dr. Tassini completed her residency in neurologic physical therapy at MossRehab in Elkins Park, PA. She remained on staff at MossRehab and was the PT team leader of the Drucker Brain Injury program unit until December 2014 when left to join Bancroft NeuroRehab as the Rehabilitation Supervisor.  Dr. Tassini has extensive experience in neurologic rehabilitation and utilizes a high intensity approach to her practice. She works to empower her clients to take the the lead and ownership in their rehabilitation process. Dr. Tassini teaches TBI rehabilitation at Thomas Jefferson University and presents nationally and internationally on topics related to traumatic brain injury and anoxic brain injury. Dr. Tassini specializes in vestibular rehabilitation, traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation and Parkinson’s disease.  

Michelle Valente, M.A., CCC-SLP

Outpatient Program Director

Michelle Valente has worked in the field of neurologic communication disorders for over 20 years, specializing in traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation. Her expertise spans both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and home care services. Michelle is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, an affiliate of the National Aphasia Association and a member of the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences. She has a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from St. John’s University. Michelle joined Bancroft in 2016.

Yvonne van Bochove, PT, DPT, MA, CBIS

Rehabilitation Supervisor

Yvonne van Bochove is the  Rehabilitation Supervisor for Bancroft NeuroRehab in Central Jersey. Currently, she is responsible for day-to-day operations for physical-occupational and speech therapies related to residential- and out-patients. 

In addition to supervisory duties,  van Bochove provides treatment to adults who were diagnosed with a brain injury as well as individuals with complex neurological diagnoses. Treatments are provided at the Day Program as well as in home environment.

Van Bochove’s career in rehabilitation spans over 30 years and a wide variety of settings and roles as a clinician and management. She has spent time in acute rehab, sub-acute, skilled nursing facilities, home care, as well as school based therapy. Van Bochove also spent time in her own private practice.  

Van Bochove received her Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy from the Institute of Physical Therapy  in the Netherlands; a Master’s degree in Human Services Administration from Rider University and a Doctorate degree of Physical Therapy from Rutgers Medical School (formerly UMDNJ). She is currently enrolled in a Master’s degree program in Applied Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis at Rider University and plans to graduate in 2022.  van Bochove is affiliated with Mercer County Community College as adjunct faculty, in their PTA program and is a credentialed clinical instructor for PT and PTA students. She is a certified brain injury specialist trainer, a brain injury fundamentals teacher  and certified Pilates instructor.

Kimberly Baradei, MA-CCC, SLP, CBIS

Speech Therapist

Kimberly Baradei received her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from The College of New Jersey.  She is a Certified Vital Stimulation Provider, a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS), and a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA).  She has been working as a Speech Language Pathologist for 12 years, providing intervention to adults with Brain Injury, Stroke, and a variety of Neurological disorders.  She has worked in Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation, Long Term Care, Residential, and Outpatient settings.

Tracey Bejsiuk, PTA

Physical Therapist Assistant

Tracey Bejsiuk is a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant with over 20 years experience with brain injury and other neurological conditions. Tracey has her B.A. in general science from Rutgers University and her A.A.S. / Physical Therapist Assistant from Atlantic Community College.

Maureen Bonnani, MSPT, CBIS

Physical Therapist

Maureen Bonnani is a Senior Physical Therapist at Bancroft Neurorehab. Maureen received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy from Temple University in 1988 and later went on to receive her Master’s of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Temple University in 1994. She has over 30 years of experience working in a variety of settings with a focus on neurologic rehabilitation. She has provided service to individuals in acute, subacute, outpatient and home care settings. Over the years she has worked at Mediplex Rehabilitation, Independence Rehab, Fox Rehab and Bayada. She joined Bancroft in 2016.  She received her NDT certification over 20 years ago and more recently received her certification in PWR Moves which is a Parkinson specific exercise program to address the motor and cognitive issues seen in those with Parkinson’s Disease.

Laura Britton, BA

Career Development Specialist, Bancroft NeuroRehab

Laura Britton is a certified employment specialist dedicated to helping adults with brain injury, stroke and other neurological impairments find their way back to competitive employment in the community. She works closely with New Jersey’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation across several counties to ensure that adults with disabilities are receiving the services they need to return to work. Laura provides Pre-Vocational Evaluations, as well as Pre-Placement, Job Coaching and Long-Term Follow-Along services for her clients. Laura graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rowan University in May 2017, and began her career at Bancroft NeuroRehab as a direct support professional and group room supervisor. She assumed the role of Career Development Specialist upon receiving her Employment Specialist Certification from The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities at Rutgers University in 2018. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree from Rutgers in Rehabilitation Counseling – Clinical Mental Health Track. 

Lois Burke

Physical Therapist

Lois Burke received her BS in Biology from King’s College, and graduate degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Pennsylvania. She has worked in various medical settings ( acute care, acute inpatient hospitals , home care, schools and outpatient departments)  throughout her extensive career, but has always had a particular interest in neurologically involved patients, both children and adults. This interest moved  her to become NDT certified, which enhanced treatments for stroke and brain injury patients alike. She additionally received her LSVT BIG certification  to support the treatment of Parkinson’s patients, as well as her certification as a Brain Injury Specialist. She joined Bancroft in 2011, and considers herself blessed to be a member of an amazing profession!

Alicia Cooley, EMOT, OTR/L, CBIS

Occupational Therapist

Alicia Cooley is a licensed and Board-certified Occupational Therapist working at Bancroft NeuroRehab’s Resnick Center in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. Alicia graduated from Stockton State College (now Stockton University) with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 1994, followed by a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University- College of Health Professions in December 2003. She is a member of both the American Occupational Therapy Association and the New Jersey Occupational Therapy Association, and became a Certified Brain Injury Specialist in 2017. Alicia is also AOTA certified as an Academic Fieldwork Educator, taking students from Thomas Jefferson University.

She has been a treating Occupational Therapist since 2004, with over ten years of experience in acute inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation at Magee Rehabilitation in Philadelphia, and four years of subacute rehabilitation and long term care throughout the South Jersey area. Previous experience includes treating clients with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and neurologic conditions as well as general rehabilitation. Her areas of interest include the well elderly, stroke and traumatic brain injury treatment, and dementia care.

Alicia has been with Bancroft NeuroRehab since 2015 working with both our residential and Day Program clientele, and steadily growing the outpatient population at this location. She strives to enable her clients to return to valued occupations with modifications as needed, and to decrease the amount of support they need from others.  

Kari Davidowitz, COTA, CBIS

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Kari Davidowitz is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant in Central New Jersey. She currently sees clients in both Occupational and Cognitive Therapy. Davidowitz has an Associate’s degree in Health Science from Rutgers University SHRP and is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist.

Katrina Dodson

Occupational Therapist

Katrina Dodson is a board certified and NBCOT certified Occupational Therapist with 12 years experience working in adult rehabilitation. Katrina graduated from The University of Scranton in 2005 with a degree in Psychology.  She received her Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in 2007.  Before joining Bancroft in 2017, Katrina worked in the areas of inpatient neuro rehabilitation at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital, as well as in acute care, driver rehabilitation, homecare and outpatient neurological/orthopedic rehab in the Virtua Health System.  Katrina maintains a special interest in all neurological rehabilitation including Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s Disease and other Neurological Disorders.  She is currently studying in preparation to sit for the Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists examination in August 2020.

Vanessa Edwards, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Vanessa Edwards earned her bachelors of science in Communication Disorders from Bloomsburg University in 2007 and her masters of science in Speech-Language Pathology from Bloomsburg University in 2009.  She completed her clinical fellowship year at Berks Heim county skilled nursing facility in 2010 and transitioned to a subacute rehab in Glenside, PA. Within the subacute rehab, she was the primary speech-language pathologist, treating patients of varying diagnoses and severity levels while also completing managerial duties as needed.  During this time, Vanessa became VitalStim certified, allowing her to utilize neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) modality to assist with dysphagia rehabilitation. With an increased interest in neurological deficits, Vanessa furthered her career at Moss Rehab, providing therapeutic intervention, primarily, to acute inpatient and outpatient traumatic brain injury patients and within the acute care department.  She was able to improve upon her clinical skills within this population by gaining experience with minimally responsive patient’s in acute rehab due to severe brain injuries to post-concussive syndrome in a transitional outpatient setting. Vanessa is currently employed by Bancroft NeuroRehab since 2016, providing services to residential and community outpatient neurological population. She received her certification brain injury specialist in 2016. Vanessa provides mentorship and supervision to graduate students during their affiliations from various Universities including Temple University, LaSalle University, and Penn State University.  Annually, she presents at Bloomsburg University to graduate students on therapeutic interventions related to spinal cord injuries and use of NMES for dysphagia rehabilitation. Other presentations include concussion management/interventions (SLP and neuropsychology approach), discipline specific case studies, dysphagia management on nursing units, and video-fluoroscopic swallowing competency measures.

Gertrud Ferst, PT, CBIS

Physical Therapist

Gertrud Ferst is a licensed Physical Therapist with Bancroft NeuroRehab in Plainsboro and Toms River New Jersey, working with brain injured individuals for the past five years. Gertrud is a certified Brain Injury specialist and is also certified in LSVT-BIG, specializing in treatment of people with Parkinson’s disease.  Gertrud graduated from New York University with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Therapy. She has over thirty-six years experience and has had extensive experience in the treatment of patients in acute care, outpatient  and long term care settings. Gertrud worked in subacute rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities for fourteen years, evaluating and treating short-term rehabilitation and long term care patients with diverse diagnoses such as joint replacements and various orthopedic diagnoses, amputees, dementia, stroke and other neurological diagnoses, cardiac, and respiratory conditions.  She worked in acute care for sixteen and a half years, evaluating and treating inpatients and outpatients with assorted diagnoses and conditions.  Throughout her thirty-six years as a physical therapist, she has served as a clinical instructor, supervising students in a variety of clinical settings.

Jillian Gordon MS, OTR/L, CBIS

Occupational Therapist

Jillian Gordon is a licensed and NBCOT registered occupational therapist working at Bancroft NeuroRehab’s Resnick Center. Jillian attended Rider University for her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education, minor in Psychology, prior to completing Stockton University’s Masters of Science Occupational Therapy program. Jillian has practiced brain injury rehabilitation for over 8 years in inpatient acute rehabilitation, residential, and outpatient settings. In addition to being a Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS),  Jillian acquired an LSVT BIG certification to expand her practice with individuals with Parkinson’s disease.

Jillian currently works mainly with Bancroft NeuroRehab’s South Jersey residential team to support resident participation in desired and necessary activities in their home, at day program, and in the community. In addition to working with adults, Jillian has experience in school, community, and clinic-based pediatric occupational therapy.

Cerise Karmondy, M.A. CCC-SLP, CBIS

Speech-Language Pathologist

Cerise Karmondy is a speech-language pathologist, joining Bancroft NeuroRehab in 2017. She is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association and is certified as a brain injury specialist by the Brain Injury Association of America.

At Bancroft NeuroRehab in Toms River, she provides clinical services to patients who have sustained brain injuries or have other neurological conditions in both day and outpatient programs. As a graduate of Montclair State University, she received both her Bachelor’s degree in linguistics and Master’s degree in communication sciences and disorders. It was while she was a student clinician that she discovered her passion for working with adults recovering from acquired brain injuries. Following her graduate studies she worked in the in-patient rehabilitation and skilled nursing setting.

Emily Lertzman, M.A. CCC-SLP, CBIS

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Emily Letzman is a licensed and NBCOT certified occupational therapy assistant.  Emily joined Bancroft in 2019.  She graduated from Rutgers University in 2012 to obtain her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Sport Studies with a minor in psychology.  She then attended Philadelphia University and graduated summa cum laude in 2017 to become an occupational therapy assistant.  Prior to working at Bancroft NeuroRehab’s Resnick Center, Emily worked in a skilled nursing facility for one year.  Emily is also a certified brain injury specialist.   She has vast interest in neurorehabilitation and is thrilled to be part of such a wonderful team.

Sari Mintz, M.A., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Sari Mintz is a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. She earned her Bachelors of Arts degree from Ithaca College and her Masters of Science Degree from George Washington University in 1981.  Ms. Mintz has been working in the field of adult neuro-rehabilitation since that time. She has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home health care, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals and outpatient clinics.  Her areas of interest and specialties include stroke and traumatic brain injuries in adults. Ms. Mintz came to Bancroft NeuroRehab in 2016.

Alicia Roselli MA, MT-BC, NMT, CBIS

Cognitive Therapist, Music Therapist

Alicia Roselli is a board certified music therapist who completed her graduate studies in music therapy at Berklee College of Music, and her undergraduate program at Immaculata University. In 2011, Alicia obtained certification in Neurologic Music Therapy at Colorado State University, an evidence-based practice that specializes in evidence based treatment of music perception, production, and cognition intended towards rehabilitative and developmental goals. Within her graduate program, Alicia conducted research regarding sensory integration in music therapy as a form of self-regulation for youth with disabilities.

Throughout the past five years of practice, Alicia has worked extensively with individuals with disabilities, including adults with severe neurodegenerative disabilities, traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia, as well as youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Through her cumulative experience, Alicia adamantly believes that music therapy begins with meeting the client where he or she is at, and utilizes a holistic, evidence-based approach to promote health and wellness for the clients she has the honor to work with.

Amy Kramer

Occupational Therapist

Amy Kramer received her post baccalaureate certification in Occupational Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in 1994. She has worked exclusively with the stroke and traumatic brain injury population since 2004. She is Saebo certified and has taken several continuing education courses in stroke rehabilitation and has a special interest in treating visual perceptual deficits and spatial neglect. She is the primary occupational therapist at Bancroft NeuroRehab in Cherry Hill.

Katie Love, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Katie Love is an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2009 from St. Vincent College. In 2014, Katie earned her Master’s degree in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from Western Carolina University. She completed her Clinical Fellowship at Lutheran Crossings, Genesis Rehab, a sub-acute and long-term care facility. Here, she gained experience in evaluating and treating residents for a wide range of impairments including cognitive, communicative, and swallowing disorders. In 2015, she began her employment with Bancroft NeuroRehab, providing speech therapy services for individuals with neurological disorders as well as traumatic and acquired brain injury. Katie received training and certification in 2016 for LSVT LOUD in order to treat individuals with voice disorders due to Parkinson’s disease.

Megan Smith, PTA, CBIS

Physical Therapy Assistant and Rehab Aide

Megan Smith is a licensed physical therapist assistant in Plainsboro and Toms River. She received her associates degree in PTA at Mercer County Community College. She is also a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. 

Amanda Wu, PT, DPT, CBIS, Board Certified in Neurologic Rehabilitation

Physical Therapist

Dr. Wu is a physical therapist with board certification in neurologic physical therapy.  She received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 followed by a doctor of physical therapy degree from University of Delaware in 2010.  She then specialized in treating individuals following neurologic injury in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation settings at MossRehab until 2015, gaining experience in brain injury, stroke, vestibular rehab, and spinal cord injury.  In 2015 she left MossRehab to join Bancroft NeuroRehab.  She acquired an LSVT BIG certification in 2015 to expand her practice with individuals with Parkinson’s Disease as well her brain injury specialist certification in 2016.  Over the past year, she has taken special interest in providing care to those following concussion and assisted in development of a post concussive treatment protocol. She has also now become a certified yoga teacher to expand her knowledge and expertise with use of alternative practices to improve outcomes with the neurologic population

Jamie Young PT, DPT

Staff Physical Therapist

Dr. Young  graduated from the University of Montana’s School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science in May of 2015.  Dr. Young worked for 2 years in the inpatient rehabilitation unit at Benefis Health System in Great Falls, Montana. At that time, she was accepted to and completed the MossRehab Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania where she received advanced training for physical therapy for individuals with neurologic diagnosis and preparation to sit for the specialist exam. I am excited to be a member of the Bancroft team!